The Individual Who Became Three Letters

In the last two days I have seen people attacked on twitter simply for having three letters in front of their name. A, S, and H. Stand for Atheist Super Heroes if you didn’t know, or if you even cared. Simply put one child started a landslide against ASH which of course turned into being all ASH’s fault. It was an ignorant and wasteful attack. Here is my take on all of this bullshit. As always my blogs are my words as I have written them. So if any of this offends anybody I urge you to either grow a thicker skin or simply fuck off.

Me, forever trying to be the peace maker I stepped in. Only to find that this girl who I backed up before was calling me names, but telling me to grow up. Ironic, but ok, I left it alone. Don’t want to listen to reason, whine like a moron for all I care is my feeling. It went on all day, this ASH member against someone, someone else jumping in. So on and so forth. Childish shit, goading the ASH members because you don’t like the group? But they have to grow up? Check yourself in to a clinic please. Either you like ASH or you don’t, either you follow them or you don’t. It is up to you, but to attack them for doing their own thing because you disagree? That’s fucking childish in true form right there.

So a bunch of people got together under the guise of superheroes or icons from other popular culture to spread atheism their way. They have various reasons ranging from pure fun with it to keeping anonymity for their real life. Big fucking deal. I can’t stand going to conventions for the shit I like because there are people dressed in costume, that’s not my thing at all. Don’t see me railing on them. They do what the fuck they want and I go about my business, because I’m an adult. I grew up learning that each person likes what they like and does what they want. So long as it doesn’t hurt someone so be it.

ASH started as three groups, before the merger in to one. Each with it’s own leader and membership. I had more fun then, but whatever. We got attacked then because some members ran rampant and we had little way to keep things streamlined. But also then we got attacked, one group or all, because of what we did. Many of those attacks just like yesterday were started by someone else and then turned back as our fault. Not all but quite a few. So banging heads together the three groups became ASH and set guidelines and stringent ways for membership. Oh but no, that makes them elitist because you have to ask or be invited to join….. Fuck off. First we have no rule so we’re the bad guys, then rules and still the bad guys. So ASH screens for quality and that’s horrible? Remember that next time the health department misses their inspection at your favorite place to eat.

But it’s a pack mentality….. For quite a few yes, not going to argue. I saw one member jump in to the middle of one of the attacks with the wrong impression and it hurt the group. I saw another get the boot because they went on purposeful attacks. These were individuals doing this, pack mentality or not. But when you lose sight of wanting to see if someone is following the herd or being an individual go away. You have no cause here, you have no credibility. You simply attack because it’s what the ‘cool kids are doing’ and ASH aren’t the cool kids. Three little letters set you off? Try WBC before coming at ASH, they are some of the real enemy out there to rational thought. Which you did not use. Quite a few of my followers do not like the group. But they follow the INDIVIDUALS they do like. Paint everyone with the same brush and you become no better than the theists telling us we’re all baby eating hell mongers.

It’s so elitist…… Head-butt a Boeing, seriously. Please just fuck off. Some of the members are elitist, one I’ve wanted to punch square in the fucking mouth at times. So it’s a few, not all. I’m not going to go further on that than to say you should reread the paragraph above for my thoughts on it.

I left ASH. It should be obvious the moment the link to this post is tweeted. I didn’t do it because I wanted to be one of the cool kids, you can keep that shit for yourselves. I did it because tonight I was asked a huge question and I am truly honored by it. It helped me realize that this is twitter, where we exercise our our voices. Use our brains and communicate with like minded people. In all honesty, I’ve had too much shit happen in my life to lose my individuality. And it was tonight. Someone just saw me as a number. Don’t ask me who, I’m not calling them out. You will probably check my timeline to see, sure go for it. But if you go for the attack on them you lose me as a follower. What was said is then, what we do is move forward from it. As much as I see NOTHING wrong with ASH or the way they do things I will no longer be a part of it. You are either going to like me for me or fuck off. I am blunt, I am to the point. This is not a bakery, you want a sugar coat go find Jesus.

Before I even hit my teenage years in full I watched my best friend take a bullet to the head. I had human brains, what was once the whole being of my friend in my fucking mouth, my hair, my clothes. Should I go on? It was that moment I realized, too young to need to know it, that in life there are a great many things you can’t control. So seize what you can. I bring that up because this is one of those moments. I will be ridiculed by individuals for who and what I am. Not for three freaking letters at the start of my name. Not for the fact that I love the camaraderie of fellow atheists under one banner. Or that I wanted to present atheism in a fun light, hopefully inspiring some to step away from religion.

As much as I respect Dawkins, he is wrong on one thing. Herding atheists is not like herding cats. It can work, it has worked. I am the member of a group of atheists offline. I was atheist before I came to twitter, I will be when I sign off tonight. In seeing what some of the detractors have said in the past I know I have personally done more in my life to push atheism further. But I still see you as my equal. It’s called humility, learn it, grow the fuck up. For the last time, #SHAZAM



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4 responses to “The Individual Who Became Three Letters

  1. Robert Klauka (@auldshaman)

    Very well done! I know we can control our own and I’m glad ASH has organized. Let’s keep herding the cats.

  2. The Last Son

    The problem is not the group, the core of the group are fine people with good ideas. But it s impossible to police a group of 100 especially when it would be so intensely easy to be sabotaged given that medium. The very fact that noone has sabotaged the group it amazing.

    In the end it is the angry component of atheism. There are many who are so deeply hurt they need to fight and they do so, many times, without logic.

    The fact will always remain that a war of words will never change the heart of the listener. Very few intelligent conversations take place on twitter, the anonymity works to make it easier to do away with socially acceptable language, but when they do there are ASH members who fill that need and purpose.

    That is the niche I see them filling, not warriors, but scholars.

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  4. Drew

    I really enjoyed your post, and I understand why you left the ASH. You talk about it intelligently and with emotion, I like that!
    I thought to join them, but I do not want to be stigmatized as only an atheist. Well for that and because my English is limited!

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